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About me

My name is Martina Smith and I live in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, with my husband and three children.

I studied to become a Foot Health Practitioner at Stonebridge College, passing with Distinction.  I now provide a quality and professional mobile Foot Health Service in the comfort of your own home, for both the young or old, diabetics, anyone with mobility issues or those who just like to have their feet rubbed and pampered!  Let me help and educate you in better foot care. 

What is a Foot Health Practitioner ?
A Foot Health Practitioner (or FHP) is someone who is qualified to provide foot care and general maintenance for your feet. A Foot Health Practitioner will have studied and completed a diploma in Foot Health Practice having been taught correct procedures and safe techniques including scalpel use and will have a good understanding of the foot structure and how it relates to the rest of the body. They can assess the general condition and state of your feet, give practical advice and refer you for further medical treatment if required.

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